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    Gym branding in China

    Gym branding in China

    The sports and fitness market in China is showing an impressive growth. In 2001, there were only 500 gyms, in 2019 there were 49,860 of

    gaming branding in china

    Mobile games branding in China

    At the moment, the number of mobile game players in China is increasing. It is a promising market which can reach 356 billion yuan until

    Branding in China

    Travel branding in China

    Travel branding remains a global phenomenon for promoting a positive image of countries or places in the process of globalization. Travel branding in China is

    Brand localization in China

    Brand signature in China

    Managing a brand signature in China requires understanding a company’s identity in terms of the name and logo as the foundation of its visual presentation.Brand

    Branding in China

    Food and beverage branding in China

    China is one of the largest consumers and producers of food and beverage in the world. China’s food and beverage consumption has grown over the past

    Brand character in China

    Brand character in China

    In the minds of consumers, a brand has character, speech intonations, a certain demeanor, gender, and much more. If you ask consumers to describe a