Target consumers identification

Rely on Doxaganda’s China consumer research expertise to identify your potential customers.

Doxaganda offers a comprehensive range of consumer research solutions crafted after years of experience on the Chinese market. We provide relevant information and consumer insights to help brands identify their target audience and satisfy their needs. We collaborate with your team to determine the best approach and provide in-depth data analysis to answer your objectives.

Doxaganda leverages authoritative market research methodologies:

  • Focus groups with specific consumer profiles
  • In-depth interviews with industry experts such as market consultants, professors and professionals
  • In-depth interviews with targeted samples of consumers
  • Online surveys
  • Data collection on selected online platforms (Baidu, Google, specific platforms) and magazines (industry titles)

Doxaganda collects your target consumers’ insights and provide recommendations on how your brand can better answer their needs.

While you need insights to make well-informed decisions. Doxaganda aims to provide you the most accurate and relevant information on your potential customers. We conduct consumer research across China, from first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen down to tier-3 and tier-4 cities.

We collect reliable consumer insights through authoritative market research methodologies and help you make the most of it by providing in-depth analysis and actionable recommendations to your brand. Based on the data we collect, we can predict market trends, identify your potential consumers and assess your consumer perceptions of your brand.