Doxaganda is Daxue Consulting‘s branding department and relies on its expertise in China market research to develop brand storytelling, brand personality, naming, logo, social media strategy and much more. Doxaganda comes from the combination of 2 Greek words referring to the general public’s opinion. It is Doxaganda’s mission to make sure that the public’s opinion about your brand perfectly matches the image you intend to convey.


Daxue Consulting is a market research and branding consulting agency specialized in the Chinese market with offices in Beijing, Shanghai, and a commercial representation in Hong Kong. Daxue Consulting was created in 2009 in the prestigious Peking University and became a private company in 2010. French MBA candidate Matthieu David and Chinese undergrad candidate Zheng Jingwen decided to reproduce the Junior Enterprise model in China. They chose the name Daxue because of the rich meaning it conveys. Daxue stands for “university” in modern Chinese, and also refers to one of the 4 books founding Confucianism in old Chinese.