Consumer research

Doxaganda provides a wide range of consumer research solutions designed through years of experience on the Chinese market. We strive to identify consumer behaviors and provide relevant insights to help decision-makers better identify and answer their target consumers’ needs.

China market still offer great opportunities for foreign brands while becoming increasingly challenging as Chinese consumers gain in sophistication. China is now one of the world’s most sophisticated markets, increasingly driven by expensive goods. 

Another major trend in China is the swift progression of mobile shopping. With the ability to purchase online, China assists to the surge in imported products via Chinese e-commerce platforms. With the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce, the constant improvement of the local shopping experience, and the search for higher quality products, foreign goods have become more popular than ever among Chinese consumers.

With the help of its parent company Daxue Consulting, expert in China market and consumer research, Doxaganda assists you for your China consumer research. We provide two types of services: