Brand reputation assessment

Your brand reputation results from your communication and public relations efforts.

Doxaganda conducts a thorough social listening on China’s major social media platforms to identify the way Chinese consumers perceive your brand. A brand reputation assessment is usually more appropriate to conduct when the brand already has a commercial presence in China. However, in some cases, brands with no presence in China but with a certain number of Chinese consumers in its foreign stores will also be interested in a brand reputation assessment.

At the end of each brand assessment analysis, Doxaganda delivers a comprehensive report built around the 3 key metrics introduced below. This report also includes actionable recommendations to help you adjust your communication strategy in order to enhance your brand reputation among Chinese consumers.

1. Social media reach

This help us understand how popular your brand is among Chinese social media users. Our social media reach assessment is based on. It corresponds to the number of followers and the engagement level generated on your social media accounts (likes, comments and shares). Naturally, this part only concerns brands that have already opened and published content on at least one Chinese social media account.

2. Share of voice

The number of times that your brand is mentioned by social media users. In other words, it is the number of conversations that Chinese social media users have about your brand.

3. Brand sentiment

Our report also includes a semantic analysis featuring the positive and negative associations that local consumers make with your brand. With the help of its international and Chinese consultants, Doxaganda is able to identify the ironic, sarcastic tones but also the slang that Chinese social media users potentially use to talk about your brand.