Food and beverage branding in China

China is one of the largest consumers and producers of food and beverage in the world. China’s food and beverage consumption has grown over the past decades, with the increase in consumers’ disposable income, their willingness to spend more, and the speeding up pace of change of consumer preferences, more brands and new categories of products […]

Coffee Branding in China

Coffee is a drink that we got every day in the West but in China, coffee is just consumed from time to time, there is around 24% of the country’s population who consume coffee which means also that there is a big potential, we can qualify it is an explosive growth market. China is influenced […]

Wine branding in China

The active growth of wine culture in China began with the abolition of duties on wine in Hong Kong in 2008. Wine consumption was already on the rise at that time, and in 2010 China drank 15.1 million hectoliters of wine. However, already in 2013, the Chinese government imposed a ban on advertising expensive gifts […]