Our approach

Doxaganda is a data-driven agency that puts its market intelligence and insights at the service of your branding strategy. Doxaganda benefits from its parent company‘s expertise in China market research to help you build a tailor-made branding strategy that answers your Chinese consumers’ needs.

Our recommendations are systematically backed up with consumer insights collected through 2 main methodologies:

  • Focus groups: group of 6 to 8 participants (end-consumers or market insiders) to identify the different perceptions and emotions associated to your brand and the branding tools that our experts will develop for you (e.g. logo, naming, storytelling, social media strategy).
  • Survey: poll composed of your end-consumers to statistically identify the trends related to your brand perception.

Doxaganda’s unique approach, a blend of creative and factual thinking, aims to make your brand:

  • Distinctive from your direct competitors
  • Recognizable by your target consumers
  • Engaging by conveying an image that appeals to your Chinese audience
  • Consistent with your identity and core values