Content strategy & creation

Editorial line design and content creation to determine the content angles to post about on your official account:

  • Your brand identity and storytelling
  • Your products & services
  • Your brand events
  • Your KOL and brand ambassador
  • Mini-contests to trigger your followers’ engagement

We determine a weight for each category based on your objectives and the market trends. We assess the performance of each content category and adjust your editorial line if necessary over the long term based on your followers’ reaction to each. Also determine content on your competitors’ content. What works? Does not work? What are the best practices?

We design the actual content with our creative team of graphic designers and copywriters. Rely on a creative team with background related to your industry.

Content calendar and tone of voice definition

This part consists in identifying the calendar’s highlights to post a relevant content and generate your target audience’s interest. We will determine your content calendar based on:

  • Your brand’s key dates: anniversary, product launch, collection launch, etc.
  • Your country of origin’s dates such as July 4th, July 14th, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.
  • Key highlights of the Chinese calendar such as Chinese New Year, May 20th (Chinese Valentine’s day), etc.

Choosing the way to deliver your content is a crucial element of your social media strategy. We will help you craft your brand’s tone of voice based on:

  • Your brand identity and history
  • Your industry
  • Your brand personality
  • The social media codes in terms of tone of voice and style