Travel branding in China

Travel branding remains a global phenomenon for promoting a positive image of countries or places in the process of globalization. Travel branding in China is based on a rational approach to the development of territories. Potential of traveling branding in China Travel branding in China has a substantial potential. China has the largest number of […]

Food and beverage branding in China

China is one of the largest consumers and producers of food and beverage in the world. China’s food and beverage consumption has grown over the past decades, with the increase in consumers’ disposable income, their willingness to spend more, and the speeding up pace of change of consumer preferences, more brands and new categories of products […]

Brand character in China

In the minds of consumers, a brand has character, speech intonations, a certain demeanor, gender, and much more. If you ask consumers to describe a particular brand and write down the responses, it turns out that the characteristics perceived by different people will be very similar. What is brand character? According to branding theory, consumers […]

Branding in China: what every company should know

Successful branding in China requires more than just entering the market with a promising product. It is important to focus on the long term strategy and find the right sales channels. Therefore, there are many steps involved in branding in China. Branding in China: pay attention to consumers The most active consumers in China today […]