Gym branding in China

The sports and fitness market in China is showing an impressive growth. In 2001, there were only 500 gyms, in 2019 there were 49,860 of them. According to a report by the National Bureau of Statistics, in 2019, almost 400 million people regularly exercised. Therefore, the gym business has huge potential for overseas and local […]

Mobile games branding in China

At the moment, the number of mobile game players in China is increasing. It is a promising market which can reach 356 billion yuan until 2023. Therefore, it is important to pay special attention to mobile games branding in China as a key part of your company’s success. The specifics of modern mobile games branding […]

Travel branding in China

Travel branding remains a global phenomenon for promoting a positive image of countries or places in the process of globalization. Travel branding in China is based on a rational approach to the development of territories. Potential of traveling branding in China Travel branding in China has a substantial potential. China has the largest number of […]

Brand signature in China

Managing a brand signature in China requires understanding a company’s identity in terms of the name and logo as the foundation of its visual presentation.Brand signature in China is the distinctive feature of the brand. Something that shows brand’s individuality and identity. This includes basic communication, distinctive and enduring brand traits that reflect the brand’s […]

Food and beverage branding in China

China is one of the largest consumers and producers of food and beverage in the world. China’s food and beverage consumption has grown over the past decades, with the increase in consumers’ disposable income, their willingness to spend more, and the speeding up pace of change of consumer preferences, more brands and new categories of products […]

Brand character in China

In the minds of consumers, a brand has character, speech intonations, a certain demeanor, gender, and much more. If you ask consumers to describe a particular brand and write down the responses, it turns out that the characteristics perceived by different people will be very similar. What is brand character? According to branding theory, consumers […]

KOL Marketing

Who are KOLs? Key Opinion Leaders are people who have a significant impact in social media and are therefore willingly used for marketing campaigns. Even if they don’t sell a product directly, they have a huge impact on others’ purchasing decisions. There are several types of KOLs: Celebrities such as famous actors, singers, television personalities. […]

Brand Application in China

In 2017, more than 5.7 million applicants applied for registering a brand in China. This number increased by 55% compared to 2016. For comparison: only 600,000 applications were filed with the US Patent Office in 2017. Moreover, by the end of 2017, there were 14.9 million active registrations in China, 2.2 million in the United […]

Branding in China: what every company should know

Successful branding in China requires more than just entering the market with a promising product. It is important to focus on the long term strategy and find the right sales channels. Therefore, there are many steps involved in branding in China. Branding in China: pay attention to consumers The most active consumers in China today […]

Premium branding in China

What are premium brands in China The concept of “premium goods” was originally directly related to exclusive, handmade products that were not available to the mass buyers. The main value of such a product is the ability to emphasize status. Therefore, customers are ready to pay more for premium brands. There is a so-called brand […]